How to Switch off in the Christmas Break

Taking time off to recharge your batteries is essential for business.  

In normal times, it provides the energy boost you need to keep going and helps you focus on propelling your business forward. So imagine the impact during these times when everyone craves a break more than ever. The distractions of the holiday period can make it easy to become complacent, and taking a break at this time of year can be ideal to detach from the stress of the year, and have time to relax and enjoy yourself. This means no checking emails or taking the odd phone call. We all need proper time off to give our minds and our bodies the break that they deserve. 

So how do you do it? How do you truly take a break from the business? 


Prepare and plan ahead

Tie up any loose ends before you leave for your break and on your last day, take some time to organise yourself for your first day back. Not only will this help you switch off it will leave you with a stress-free departure, and a productive re-entry.


Anticipate which clients will have urgent queries

Identify clients with potential urgent queries and inform them about your absence. Make them aware that you will be away and for how long and ask them if they need anything before this.


Manage expectations

The best way to have time off is to ensure that you won’t get interrupted and dragged back into work. You can do this by setting expectations with your team and your clients before you leave. Inform them of when the business is closed and you are planning to switch off. Specify when you are entirely unavailable and if there are any instances where you may engage in work.


Sort out your mindset

Some business owners have fears about taking time off such as “
will I lose clients if they can’t get in touch with me over this period?” If you have certain worries that prevent you from completely switching off, work through these beforehand. For every worry you identify, think of a rational response to repeat to yourself. For example, repeating something like “good clients who really want to work with us will wait to speak to me” to help promote a relaxed mental state. 


Leave work at work

Detach from work by leaving work-related items in your workspace. Even when working from home, create a designated area, signalling a mental shift from work to relaxation.


Step away from your devices

Break free from constant digital connection. Our phones, laptops, and iPads have become consumed by our work, so step away from them as much as you can to enjoy quality downtime. If you need extra help switching off from devices, try setting screen time limits, or temporarily removing apps/email accounts.


Be present

Easier said than done we know, but you need to switch off mentally as well as physically. Try to enjoy your time off
 by immersing yourself in the present moment. Engage in meaningful conversations, savour daily pleasures, and practice mindfulness to make the most of your time off.


Relax and recharge

It’s been a long and difficult year and the busyness will be waiting for you when you get back to work, so take this time to relax. Take the opportunity to recharge while you can and do things that you normally can’t do because you’re too busy.

We all need this Christmas break to prevent burning out so use it. Tie up as many loose ends as you can beforehand, limit distractions, and focus on relaxing and enjoying the festivities. You deserve it.  



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