June Client Spotlight: Kintsugi Soul

This month we’d like to introduce you to a new client of ours, Di Howard from Kintsugi Soul. We’re thrilled to be working with her, as she does some incredible work for businesses. We sat down with Di to chat about all things Kintsugi Soul and why she chose to partner with us here at BW.


What do you do?


Kintsugi Soul helps businesses to do things better.  We help organisations define and describe what they are about, what their purpose is, and how that relates to their employees, customers, stakeholders, and supply chain.  

We’re sector agnostic so every day is a school day as we help private and public sector organisations to have a look-see at what they do, how they do it, and the impact they have. 


What are your key values?


Much like the Japanese principles of Kintsugi, the first step in organisations becoming ‘better’ is the acceptance that something is not quite right.  That takes a brave step to acknowledge processes that need revisiting.  Change for change’s sake is not sensible, change around a defined purpose is.  


What are your plans for the business over the next twelve months?


Kintsugi is a relatively new venture so we’re finding our feet in a busy consulting landscape.  Though I personally have 30 years of experience to lean on, I’ve always enjoyed the collective success that collaborating with like-minded groups who compliment what I do, brings to a client solution.

So, the next twelve months will be a mixture of reconnecting with the brightest technologies to do just that.  People who have a desire to do the right thing and share success. 


Why did you choose BW?


BW was recommended to me by the Business School at UWE.  What excites me about their business model is how they employ and develop young people, our business leaders of the future.  And of course, the level of service, delivered in a professional but not stuffy way. 


What value do you think we bring to your business?


It’s early days, to be honest.  That said, I have a feeling we share the same values of helping others to grow through the delivery of what we do, and that appeals greatly.