May Client Spotlight: Crooks Peak

We’d like to introduce you to Charlie Cochrane from Crooks Peak, a video game maker, as this month’s client spotlight. Keep reading to learn more about Crooks Peak and how why they chose to use our services for their business.


What do you do?


I make and sell video games for the nascent virtual reality market. The next game is “By Grit Alone”, an action horror game that finds the player stranded in the alien-infested Bermuda triangle of space, scavenging derelict starships, desperately trying to escape in any way they can. Releasing on PlayStation, Meta Quest, and PC 2024.


What are your key values?


Focus on Quality: Respect the player’s time and money with high-quality, well-tested, and delightful content.The 80/20 rule (The Pareto principle): 20% of the work usually gets 80% of the result, so don’t make perfect the enemy of good and know when to move on to the next job.Money Talks: Games are a creative and passion-led artistic industry, but it’s important to remember to make money as well. Test assumptions early, do your homework with market research and forecasting, and stick to a budget!Think of the VR-ness: Virtual Reality is all about immersion, the trick to a great experience is using obvious but satisfying interactions with the simulated world. For example, is there a coffee mug in the game? The player is definitely going to try and smash it! Is there a giant lever on the wall? Make sure it satisfyingly clunks into place when pulled.


What are your plans for the business over the next twelve months?


We’re aiming to release our next game Q1 in 2024, so the next year is all about spending every penny of our budget wisely and making sure we deliver on time.

I’m also going on a UK trade delegation to California which I’m pretty excited about!


Why did you choose BW?


Seeing all of BW’s recent accolades on social media, I knew BW was a safe and reliable choice for my business. Nat and I went to school together; she’s always been friendly, hardworking, and a good laugh.


What value do you think we bring to your business?


BW gives me time back so I can focus on making games rather than inefficiently and probably incorrectly doing my own accountancy. Having a professional team to work through everything with me, gives peace of mind; I don’t need to worry about messing up or missing a date.